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AS-salam^^ ! *ans it first, it’s compulsory anyway..hihi. For this entry I want to talk ‘bout “revolution” (perubahan) *well, I don’t noe wheather my grammar right or wrong..but, please keep reading if u don’t mind^^. Ok, maybe because I already enter university, so, I want to make a ‘lil bit changes in my life to be a better and good student. FYI, I enter CFS IIUM this week. I just finished my ‘TA’ARUF WEEK’ there. Anyway, whether you;my dear reader isn’t anymore to-be-so-called “STUDENT”, but, still need to do that to make your life better,rite?

So, the questions are..IS REVOLUTION IS A THING THAT YOU…
                                                     A)  NEED??

                                B)  WANT??

*hey~ answer it first before u continue ur reading,dear^^

    As a matter of fact, the ANSWER…..are both of them as it’s depends on the situation that you are in.

      The shifting becomes a “NEED” when you are in bad or cannot cope anymore with the situations. For example, when you’ve got your CGPA 1.9, that you nearly about to be dismiss from the university, so you NEED to be more hardworking, go and seeking help from your friends and lectures, read books more and ofcourse less sleep hours.

      It becomes as the things that you “WANT” when you feel already OK of what you have. You think if you don’t change anythings , it doesn’t matter. For example, that you already have a status, money, cars, your own house n etc2, so, for you to make more money is consider as changes that you want.

     Dear readers, there is one more answer that available, which is..shifting in our life is “SUNNATULLAH”. It means, whether you WANT it or not  OR   you NEED it or not , it’s Allah’s wills that it happens. To make you more understand, we can look at this example. OK,let’s say that you don’t want your hair to become white and ofcourse you don’t need that,do you? "URGH, i must not changing my hair to white!!!" can u do that? Well, it’s Allah’s wills that when you getting older, that your hair turns white. 

So, I hope you understand what I want to say ‘bout. The next thing is..

                             HOW WE GONNA CHANGE OURSELVES??


Actually, there is simple formulae for this. Now, I want you to raise your right hand..ok, raise up your right hand, hand raise,guys~Then next, raise your left hand. Then give me a “pap” sound. Once again.. *make sure there is nobody around, they may think that u insane already, haha. Jelly2 *it means ‘joking’. 

    Naa~ tell me, what are you doing just now?? You’re clapping your hands,right? * or you make something else?? Haha. Ok2, give an applause to yourself.

    So, the formulae is there,reader. It’s C.L.A.P. What does it stands for?? Let we have a look...

        CLEAR the end picture

·        -->It means that you know what will you get or what you’ll be at the end. You must stated, imagine and have a clear picture of it. You can write it big on the paper and paste it on the wall.

              --> What language?? Ok, to be clear ‘bout this, you must know the fact, dear. Language isn’t just what we saying which we called it ‘verbal language’ but there is also mental language, that what we talk to ourselves innerly and mentally.

·         Ok, raeder, now I have a game for u. I say..


           Tell me, how many of you DO IMAGINE THE “WHITE ELEPHANT” ???? * for those who did, smile now. Hurry up!! Hihi. What I want to say here from this game is.. our mind does not interprate the word “NOT” very well. Naa~ just see, you guys did imagined the big white elephant just now. So, when you want to state something to yourself, DO NOT use the word “NOT”. Say what you want and not what you don’t want. Example..say “I must pass this subject” instead “I don’t want to fail this subject”. Use POSITIVE words not the negative one.


·        --> Many people just say “ O, I want to change starting today!!” or  “Oh Allah, help me to be a better person” etc2. Well, if we look around us, many people just express it speak out than done it in the reality world. Guys, don’t built the castle in the mid air. There is no use and you can't even enter the castle's door.


       --->You must take care of your intention. Make sure that you have the right reason why you want to change because the intentions is more important to make all that you do get Allah’s redha.

                         “innalillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiiunn”


    Last but not least, I hope you’ve got something from this entry to help you to be a better person in your life. I’m sorry, if you’ve found any grammar mistakes or typin’ error. Actually it’s my first time to write the entry fully in English. At first, I hesitated to do that n I feel ashamed if people know how moderate I am in English, but I believe work the things out is worth than we just afraid and want to stay at the place that we comfortably in. It’s worth trying and I’m glad that I done it here. Thanks for keep reading till the end^^

:: Freshie of Center for Foundation Study, International Islamic      University Malaysia, Petaling Jaya.

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