Friday, 13 April 2012


   I never had this kind of celebrated birthday in my whole life such at my new school, SMAKL. Before this, my birthday party would be held at my bungalow house and my friends came with their presents. We were having a good time together at that party with jokes, movies and games. Differently at this school, the wishes that they gave made me appreciated them much instead of presents. They such a magic words!

                              “HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ATIQAH!”

    Early in the morning on 13 APRIL, I woke up with a big smile on my face. This is the day I was born! After took a bath, I went to my class to open the letter from my parents at Shah Alam that I received a day before. They wished me and gave my favourite chocolate, Beryls. Thanks; mum and dad! My friends sang me a special happy birthday song at the rowcall. I was very touched plus happy that moment.

   During recess, I gave form V girls an invitation cards for my birthday party that night. There were questions to be answered inside the hand-made cards. The winner would get the prizes from birthday girls. That night birthday party would also celebrating for Ameerah’s birthday which was on 12 APRIL. We got two chocolate moist cakes specially made by Aunty Roslina which was our mentor last year as our birthday gifts.

    That night after preparation class, we made the celebration inside princesses dining hall. After birthday-girls’-talk from Ameerah and me, we announced the winner for the quizzes. Husna and Balqis were the winner! Meanwhile, Naemah also got her prizes because she got it right for the game ‘Try to Count Me’. We had a joyous moment with the chocolate moist cakes, jelly, snack and sweets. Not to forget the delicious mango juice!

    At the end of the party, I gave Ameerah the present that I had bought and so did her. With smilimg and laughing faces, Najihah helped to snap our pictures together as a memories. We end the party at 11.30 as it was time for us to sleep. Although I was quite tired that day because we had gotong-royong plus add math tuition, but it was the best thing that ever happened to me.

        oh my God! seems my love story is COMPLICATED>.<!!

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